Globally, the RATP Dev group has considerable expertise in providing demand-responsive transport and paratransit. At RATP Dev Transit London we support our local communities and specialist sectors in providing mobility solutions they can rely on.

Mobility scooter boarding bus via ramp

“We must make sure that all our customers’ travel needs are provided for and that our drivers are trained to recognise disabilities that aren’t always obvious.”

Amine Fellahi

Strategy and Performance Director

RATP Dev Transit London


In London, our buses have evolved to make them easier to board for our wheelchair users and our less mobile customers. Our drivers receive thorough training in spotting disabilities, including those we can’t always see.

Many of our drivers have received awards for their outstanding display of care and concern and the lengths that they go to make public transport accessible to all.

We also make public transport available to several specialist sectors of our customer community. For example, we run a bus route for staff and students at Kingston University operated by a team of drivers especially recruited and trained to run the service.




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Amine Fellahi
Amine Fellahi
Commercial Director
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