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  • Routes into major sightseeing areas and shopping districts
  • First of our operations hubs to run electric buses


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Our Shepherd’s Bush garage took a momentous further step towards zero emissions in February 2020 with the introduction of West London’s first 24-hour, double-deck electric bus route: Route 94 (Acton Green to Piccadilly Circus). The electric buses on Route 94 join the 36 single-deck vehicles we introduced in 2018 when we converted to electric operation two other routes: the C1 (Victoria to White City) and the 70 (South Kensington to Chiswick). Our electric buses are making a positive contribution towards the mayor’s goal of running a 100 per cent zero emissions fleet in the capital.



Kelly Rahman, our General Manager, is excited about the zero-emissions bus services running out of her garage, particularly Route 94, as operating double-deck electric vehicles is extremely complex. She feels that the technology is constantly improving and looks forward to seeing many more electric buses in London. “We are acquiring a lot of experience at Shepherd’s Bush in the operation of electric buses,” said Kelly. “We hope to put this experience to good use when we look at the possibility of converting other bus routes to electric operation.”


Kelly Rahman
General Manager

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