• Frequent services to facilitate travel into London
  • Encourages public transport use in highly congested area
  • Long history in the local area


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Our Hounslow hub was opened in 1912 on the former site of Hounslow Town station. It has, of course, been updated, expanded and renovated since then and is a modern operations centre for a dense network of routes. As well as being the first location in London to run low-floor buses, the base began a small trial of four electric buses in 2014. The buses ran until 2020 and provided much useful information about zero emissions operation, which we shared with Transport for London.


As General Manager, Allan Southgate runs Hounslow garage alongside its ‘sister’ operations hub, three miles away in Hounslow Heath. He is proud of his team members for their commitment to providing good customer service. Despite the size of the location, there is very much a family atmosphere. “We have a great team at Hounslow and they can be depended upon to work together in making sure our network runs like clockwork,” said Allan.


Allan Southgate
General Manager

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Hounslow Garage

Kingsley Road, Hounslow,

Middlesex, TW3 1PA
020 8400 6630

Traffic Managers:
Himesh Quessou

Dave Croucher



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