• Meet local transportation needs in areas with few regular routes.
  • Provide flexible transportation that is accessible to all, including people with reduced mobility.
  • Blend in with the greater Paris transit system by using the same ticketing structure and prices.
  • Offer an innovative, extensive marketing plan with a strong multi-channel presence.





2 hours

Booking up before departure


Digital technology and new communication media have made innovative, customized local services possible. With "Plus de Pep’s", RATP Dev is offering residents in Marne-la-Vallée, east of Paris, a new local mobility solution—on-demand bus transportation.

Plus de Pep’s complements the existing system to serve remote rural areas and ensure service continuity during off-peak times. It facilitates connections with other transport modes, such as trains, and with business areas such as markets and hospitals.

Once registered with Plus de Pep’s, individuals can reserve a trip on one of the 21 routes up to two hours before leaving, by phone or online. The minibuses are wheelchair-accessible. Passengers can track their bus in real time using a smartphone app.

Since the minibuses have fewer than nine seats, only the general "B" license is needed to drive them, leading to greater flexibility and savings for the transit authority. 

Paying close attention to the needs of all passengers, RATP Dev continues to find innovate solutions to make both town and country accessible and pleasant to live in.

Marne-la-Vallée, France, TAD, Mobilité
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