• Support the sustainable mobility dynamic targeted by Brest Metropole.
  • Improve customer experience, enhance connected services and integrate all forms of mobility
  • Increase patronage by 20% and reduce public spending by 10%
  • Introduce a 360-degree innovation approach (passengers, metropole conurbation, employees, partners) to modernize the service relationship and labour relations.


fourteen km tram line, 1 urban cable car line, 16 regular bus lines, 6 bus lines for business parks and areas of employment, 28 school lines, 1 tourist line and 1 night line, 4 P+R


longue term rental electric bicycles (in 2022)


innovation lab, Ker’Lab, attached to the RATP Group Urbanopolis network


From 2019 to 2027 RATP Dev will support Brest Metropole in sustainably developing its Bibus network, including creating a new network in January 2021, which foreshadow the advent of the second tramway line and the BHLS by 2026, along with the energy transition with the renewal of the bus fleet and electrification starting in 2021.

RATP Dev also wants to improve the region’s network by offering increasingly inclusive and interconnected mobility solutions such as long-term rental of 1,200 electric bicycles by 2022, services for reduced mobility passengers and the integration of all forms of mobility in the region.

Thank to its innovation lab the Ker'Lab, RATP Dev will provide the inhabitants of Brest Metropole with innovations to facilitate their daily journey, for example by progressively deploying a MaaS (Mobility As A Service) mobile app that ensures real-time, multi-modal passenger information and the possibility of purchasing tickets directly on a smartphone. Another example is Open Payment, which will make it possible to purchase and validate tickets directly in vehicles with a bank card.

Brest - Bibus network - tramway
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