Highlights of the financial year:

  • Passenger traffic in the Île-de-France region was historically down 43% with 1,901 million journeys, due to the impact of the health measures in response to the pandemic (lockdowns and curfews among others) and to the industrial action in January 2020. Traffic drastically dropped on the networks operated by RATP Dev both in France and abroad.

  • Activities were slowed down by successive crises (strikes, Covid-19). The health crisis’ impact on turnover amounted to -€414 million. The Group's consolidated turnover reached €5,523 million, down 3,2% compared to 2019.

  • An unprecedented mobilisation for the Group in order to reduce the impact of the crisis: the Covid-19 crisis strongly affected the 2020 results, with an impact of -€352m on operating income (EBIT), -€356m on the Group share of net income, and +€338m in consolidated net debt. The cost-cutting plans initiated by the Group entities allowed to cushion the impact on the results, with:

    •  An operating income (EBIT) of €99m, or 1.8 % of turnover, compared to 5.6 % at the end of 2019;
    • The Group share of recurring net income fell by €134m, or -2.4 % of turnover, compared to 2.3 % in 2019;
    • Net debt of €5,544m at the end of 2020, up 7% compared to 2019, due to the combined impact of the pandemic and the strikes in winter 2019/2020.
  • Despite the difficulties linked to the spring 2020 lockdown, RATP remained strongly mobilised to pursue its ambitious investment programme in the Île-de-France region, with the support of Île-de-France Mobilités: investment in the Île-de-France region reached a historical high with2.2 billion in 2020 (including investments made on behalf of the SGP), representing growth of 3.4% compared to 2019. Over the period of the 2016-2020 operating contract, RATP has invested €8.4 billion, which is the entirety of the investment plan contracted with IDFM. Overall, RATP Group's consolidated gross investments continued to grow, increasing by €36m (+1.9%) compared to 2019, reaching €1.889bn.

  • The Group pursued its transformation and reached several major milestones, such as the transformation and integration of the Surface network and Infrastructure Manager, the Mappy acquisition and the acceleration of the MaaS programme. 

  • RATP Group continued to work on its development, with the signing of contracts to operate the Cairo metro (line 3) and the Tuscany bus network. It also created the RATP Solutions Ville business unit, bringing together its expertise in real estate, connectivity, energy and urban logistics.

  • Finally, the Group has created a new subsidiary, RATP Cap Île-de-France, to respond to future calls for tenders in the Île-de-France region.

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