RATP Dev London regrets that, despite three days of conciliation meetings with ACAS, a fifth pay offer and an additional proposal to engage in binding arbitration, Unite has rejected all options once again.

RATP Dev London has now made five different offers to Unite, containing pay rises and no changes to terms and conditions, all of which have been rejected.
We have invited Unite to move to binding arbitration, but Unite has failed to reply in good time and maintains its strike action.
Unite has failed to agree to binding arbitration, even though this is the normal procedure when an employer and trade union cannot find a resolution.
Binding arbitration puts the decision in the hands of an official arbitrator, and RATP Dev is prepared to abide by that body’s conclusion.
As there are no other possible steps, RATP Dev sincerely regrets Unite’s decision to continue its strike action, causing further inconvenience to the public.
Our pay offer is a fair one and continued strike action cannot be justified.
We apologise again to passengers for the inconvenience and disruption to journeys during this period of strike action.