Despite achieving mutually beneficial settlements with London Sovereign and Quality Line staff last month, RATP Dev London regrets that strike action continues to go ahead on London United routes.

RATP Dev London has faced losses for the last 2 years and has relied on financial support from RATP Group. Losses are projected again into 2021. The situation at London United is particularly challenging, with its own financial position accounting for a very large proportion of the total losses faced by RATP Dev London.

Despite the significant financial challenges, RATP Dev London has made several different pay offers, which Unite representatives either rejected or deferred presenting to the staff.

RATP Dev’s offer includes a fair pay rise above the consumer price index, and no changes to terms and conditions. Several weeks ago, we agreed that terms and conditions would not change. Any information to the contrary is categorically wrong.

We have been continuously committed to an ongoing dialogue with Unite representatives. It is now time for Unite to reconsider future strike actions so that we can find a positive resolution to the dispute at London United. The long-term viability of the business can only be achieved by all parties working together to find a mutually beneficial resolution.

We apologise again to passengers for the inconvenience and disruption to journeys.